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Sometimes it is necessary to consider an alternative way of obtaining a loan, this happens when we go to a financial institution and we cannot get the money we need, as we know, banks can no longer provide the same services due to the harsh conditions they have imposed To obtain any type of financing, so that many families do not have ways to obtain liquidity, companies, and individuals have to resort to other types of alternatives, obtaining private loans is the solution.

Private loans offered by private companies.

Private loans offered by private companies.

Private loans are loans provided by companies whose funds come from private investors, they make these companies available the money necessary for their clients to lend them, in exchange, our company only asks its client for a guarantee that ensures said loan, a guarantee that it can be of real estate type or of any other class; This private credit company can lend money with the sole guarantee of real property, a vehicle, art collections, any object that has the necessary value for the client to obtain the amount of money he needs, the only exception is jewelry.

In this way, our company can lend up to 20% of the value of the guarantee, this figure depends on the quality of the guarantee presented by the user, in addition to this, we offer another exclusive formula which is the car loan. Through this method we can give the client up to a maximum of 30% or 40% of the value of their own car, that is, we can give them money in exchange for their vehicle, which can be a motorcycle, truck, van, etc. First, our team of lenders rates that vehicle, and then we give it the amount the user needs.

The advantage of the company offers

The advantage of the company offers

We want to highlight the advantages of these credits that our company offers; The most notable is that we do not ask for as many papers or justifications, and we provide money in a very short period of time, almost always less than 72 hours, and this happens when we have received all the necessary documents in our offices.

Another of the virtues in our private loans is that we can grant them to people who are in difficult situations, such as being enrolled in a list of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institution or not having a job and not having a monthly payroll. For us this does not constitute an impediment when it comes to granting the client the necessary money, thanks to the guarantee we can give opportunity to numerous individuals and families.

Regarding real estate guarantees, these must be totally free of charges and mortgages and flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. we do not accept plots, quarries or plots.

Loan term of the private loan

We highlight other advantages of private loans, in our case, we can lend from at least 3,000 USD, in all cases, the installments of our loans can be paid in a very simple way, always choosing the best means of payment and the most appropriate term that can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually, we always try to adapt to the particular needs of each user.

The security of these private loans is another of the most important aspects, since our company is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and all our economic activities are framed within the current legislation that regulates everything related to private loans and financial services. In our country. The agreements are always signed before a notary and these notary signatures can be made anywhere in the Spanish territory, so that the client does not have to travel or travel to other locations. Get private credits Rate this page

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