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Loan  term and amount 

Loan  term and amount 

The dream car can usually only be financed with a car loan. There is no top offer that is valid for the general public. It always depends on what term, what loan amount and of course which car the consumer chooses. There is no shortage of offers. Both the manufacturer’s own car banks and independent car banks are available to the customer.

In order to boost sales of their new vehicles, some of the manufacturer’s own car banks also offer zero percent financing. In this case, the loan terms will be hard to beat. As usual, the bank makes an advance payment. Over time, the purchase price will be paid by the car buyer based on the installment payments.

The customer should refrain from balloon financing. In this case, there is still a high remaining debt after the loan term has expired. A disadvantage of the manufacturer’s own car bank compared to independent car banks is that they insist on possession of the vehicle registration document (today called registration certificate part II).

For now, the owner of the vehicle is the credit institution. As with other forms of loan, the credit decision depends on the Credit Bureau and the employment relationship of the applicant. In order to find out which provider offers the cheapest offer, the prospective borrower should try one of the many car loan comparison calculators. These illustrate the great savings potential.

Numerous comparison portals ensure transparency

Numerous comparison portals ensure transparency

A car loan comparison calculator can be found on the page The interest calculator can be started by entering the desired term and the loan amount. The Barclaycard is on top with a term of 36 months. The annual percentage rate varies between 4.50% and 11.90% depending on the credit rating. The loan amount can be up to USD 35,000. The provider waives a processing fee.

In addition, the customer benefits from an 8-week right of return and the opportunity to make unscheduled repayments. With a term of 48 months, according to this car loan comparison calculator, Cream Bank can claim first place. The interest rate depending on creditworthiness varies between 4.50% and 11.95%. The maximum possible loan amount is set at USD 50,000. This financial house also waives a processing fee.

Once a year, the customer has the right to request a break in payment or a rate change (increase/decrease). A car loan comparison calculator can also be found The comparison broker, taking into account a term of 36 or 48 months, is the credit broker. The APR is independent of the customer’s creditworthiness and is 3.75%. This agent also generally does not charge a processing fee.

A car loan comparison calculator is also offered through the comparison portal Binary Lender. With a term of 36 months and a loan amount between USD 10,000 and USD 30,000, the Barclaycard once again takes first place. The effective interest rate, which depends on the creditworthiness, ranges between 3.75% and 17.90%. This proves that the interest conditions under the car loan comparison calculator can be quite different with regard to the same credit institution.

With a term of 48 months, this car loan comparison calculator makes the intermediary online credit the winner. The effective interest rate varies between 4.35% and 10.90% depending on the customer’s creditworthiness. There is also a processing fee of 3%. The provider arranges loans of up to USD 50,000. Special repayments are always possible.

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