Bongacams MFC Cam – More Than Just a Waterproof Camera

The MJC brand has gone through a lot of modifications since the introduction of its first waterproof and impact resistant camera, the Bongacams MFC Cam. While the camera itself continues to be widely used, the brand itself has become a little more difficult to define. And now that the Bongacams MFC Cam is no longer in production, it is time to revisit the most popular models of the brand.


MJC models

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Most of the original MJC models have been manufactured by Panasonic, including the MJC SV, which was also produced as the MJC MP for the US market. But that is not to say that there are not excellent cameras made by other manufacturers, such as the European MFC series, the Thule MMC series, and the Ultralite MFC series.

The MFC line, which includes models for the US and European markets, continues to impress with its impressive feature set. It is among the highest quality all-waterproof models currently available and has received the approval of professionals like Steve Spangler, product manager at Thule. It is also easy to use and safe to use underwater.

The other MFC series includes the Shatner, which is part of the MJC Quad series. Its picture quality is often described as “nearly as good” as the MJC SV, but it has a more compact design and has a low price tag. There are also the Jungle and Morado, which are part of the MJC Quint series.

The MFC Quad features a macro mode and a wide array of different viewing options. You can choose between a full-view format, or an angle format, which allow you to see finer details. And you can also adjust the image size to fit your own viewing preferences.


The MJC Quint is the newest model in the Bongacams MFC series

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It offers more megapixels than its two predecessors combined. And it comes with a variety of different mounting options.

The MJC Grand is the top of the line of the Bongacams MFC series. It is designed for the professional underwater photographer who wants to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions. It has a tilting LCD screen, which lets you tilt the camera and view your subject from all angles.

The MJC Studio is the top of the line of the Bongacams MFC series. It is equipped with built-in flash, which allows you to shoot in almost any lighting condition. It also has a high resolution optical zoom lens that is compatible with both Nikon and Canon lenses.

The MJC Oasis is the best choice for those who want to capture the action, but do not want to risk damaging their equipment. The camera comes with a durable rubber shock mount and a weather sealed body, which means that the camera can be used under almost any conditions.


The Bongacams MFC Wilderness is a mid-range model

The Bongacams MFC Wilderness is a mid-range model

For those who want to capture the serenity of nature. It has a 10x optical zoom lens and is capable of shooting up to 5.2 frames per second. This allows it to shoot at night and in all types of light.

The Bongacams MFC Lite is another feature packed mid-range model for those who want to take pictures of their family, without spending a lot of money. The camera comes with a low-light setting and built-in flash. And there is a mode where you can share your photos with Facebook.

Finally, the Bongacams MFC Wilderness is a high quality all-weather camera that is perfect for those who wish to capture the excitement of the African wildlife. It has a great warranty and comes with an ultra-compact design that is suitable for anyone. even younger children.

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